DIY bedside table

I’ve always been a fan of DIY. I love the idea of making or decorating something yourself, knowing that it’s unique and getting the satisfaction out of seeing the finished product. Last summer’s… Continue reading

The best apple pie!

I might be biased but my grandmother makes some of the best foods I have ever tried. My childhood memories consist of me and my siblings going┬áto my grandparents house every monday evening… Continue reading

Bean Enchiladas

This is a firm favourite in our family and with Autumn approaching, the perfect comfort food on a cold day. This an alternative to mince or chicken enchiladas, with the carrots mixed with… Continue reading

Tropical Smoothie

This a tropical fruit smoothie that I like to make if I don’t have a large selection of fruits and vegetables in the house. It includes items we usually have in the fruit… Continue reading

Oslo, June 2015

At the end of June I spent a few days in Oslo. This was my first time visiting Norway or any Scandinavian country for that matter, however I had a lovely time and… Continue reading

Vegetable Pad Thai

This recipe is a of a quick, easy, delicious and low carb pad thai dish. This recipe is based on the Pad Thai recipe found in The Green Kitchen Travels book, which is… Continue reading

My grandmother’s delicious bilberry pie

Whilst supporting a fell race with my sister, we noticed some shrubs with bilberries growing and we decided to multi task by supporting the runners and simultaneously picking bilberries. Bilberries are closely related to… Continue reading

Peanut chicken curry

My first recipe post is of an old family favourite, a peanut butter and chicken curry! It is a quick and simple recipe but always a hit at our house. The ingredients- Oil… Continue reading

Two weeks in the Algarve

After being back in the UK in the miserable and rainy weather for almost week, I can confidently say that I am ready to return to Portugal. I had a lovely holiday in the… Continue reading

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